Spending your honeymoon in Egypt

Have you decided? Are you really sure you want to get married?
Well, then the next step is choosing your honeymoon destination!!
I personally believe one of the best option is Egypt. 
Thanks to its geographical position in the northeast of Africa, Egypt is characterized by low annual rainfall and sunshine all year round, with temperatures that rarely fall below 20°C. It is one of the richest countries in terms of history, culture and natural beauty and it is without any doubts one of the most amazing and desired destinations for honeymoons.
A holiday in Egypt can offer something for all tastes: a combination of thousands of interesting temples and monuments with the magic of a sea among the most beautiful on the planet.

And if you are looking for romance, intimacy and relax, the association of an adventurous Nile cruise with a week getting pampered by the wonderful coral reef of the Red Sea may be the perfect choice for your honeymoon.

A cruise on the Nile is a timeless journey through a landscape that is always different and the most convenient and engaging way to explore Egypt, as did Thackeray, Flaubert, Kipling and Agatha Christie, at the time when the fever of Egypt infected the world, inspiring literary memories.

The Egyptian river is not just a river; it is a full horizon of vegetation and desert and its banks are populated by hundreds of people regarding it as an indispensable source of life. Along the Nile you will find the largest concentration in the world of ancient temples and monuments, including the palaces of Luxor and Karnak, the Valley of the Kings and the Abu Simbel temple. You will literally be flowing in a world of colour and silence among centuries of history. 

At sunset, the sunlight slowly plays with colours and shades on the water, until it disappears dissolving like a reddish cloud creating the most paradisiacal scenery and romantic atmosphere for you and your beloved.

And after an exciting week on the Nile, what’s best than some time relaxing by the Red Sea? There are plenty of locations to choose from.

Sharm el Sheikh, located in the extreme south of the Sinai Peninsula, is probably the most popular destination and makes an ideal place for a honeymoon, whether you are looking for relaxation and sunbathing, or you can’t stand still for more than five minutes in the sun. You will find pristine waters and excellent climate throughout the year, entertainment and opportunities for fascinating excursions.

Marsa Alam, situated near the Tropic of Cancer, is full of palm trees and mangroves. The sea is gorgeous here with a magnificent coral reef that is home to many varieties of fishes. The reef is in fact very popular among divers that come here to explore the many unspoilt diving sites, where it’s not difficult to meet dolphins and hammerhead sharks.

Hurghada was a simple fishing village until a few years ago but over time it has become one of the most touristy destinations and it is often offered as a typical location for all-inclusive packages.

El Gouna, it’s the perfect destination for those looking for a luxurious experience. Its name means “lagoon” in Arabic, and it consists of a multitude of islands divided by turquoise waters and modern golf courses.

Taba is a rapidly expanding tourist destination but has a very relaxed feel and it’s close to the most interesting sites of the Sinai.

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