Flea markets of Paris: Porte de Vanves

We had been thinking about visiting a flea market (or marché aux puces) since we moved here in Paris at the beginning of May and finally we made it. I have made a bit of research and quickly found out that the one in Porte de Vanves seems to be the best one at present for finding good deals.
Flea market Porte de Vanves, Paris

Flea market Porte de Vanves, Paris

 So we got ready with cash and the right state of mind for bargaining on prices.

We've walked through the more than 300 stalls, full of any kind of goods, most of them antiquities....

....some old stuff coming from abandoned garages and lofts....

...and a lot of vinyls...

It was a lovely morning with a bit of sun and the market was not overcrowded which made the walk very enjoyable. There was some really interesting stuff, especially old prints, decorated vintage glasses and even some ancient bottle openers.

The place is mainly used by locals although, it is starting to become famous with tourists as well.

We got there around 11am but I guess that, going there a bit earlier, we could have found even more stuff, but, hey, after all it was Sunday morning!

By the way, we didn't come back home empty hands.....

A few info and tips:

- the market is open on all Saturdays and Sundays of the year, no matter of any festivities or rain, from 7am to 2pm, although merchants start to break down everything around 1pm

- the closest tube station is Porte de Vanves on the line no.13

- beware of pickpockets (as usual in these places)

- don't forget to ask for a `reduction, s'il vous plait`!


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