The Way to Paleochora

If you are the kind of person that can't travel without packing his trekking shoes, Ithaka will offer you a few options to satisfy your passion.
There are a few trails all around the island that you can easily follow without any guide. There is a full list online, so you can identify the most suitable for you.

Of course the scorching sun of July and August is not the ideal condition to do a long one (unless you like to wake up very early!) but there are also a few short walks that will take you to interesting ancient sites and that you really shouldn't miss during your stay on the island.

The walk from Perahori to the ancient village of Paleochora is absolutely a must.
Paleochora used to be the island capital during the Middle Ages but had been abandoned in the 16th century so what you will be able to see is mainly some ancient house ruins and a couple of old churches.
The latter plus the amazing views of Vathi's bay will make the walk worth.

Once in Perahori you will find directions for the start of the path and you will encounter a little church with a small graveyard that looks completely abandoned. Unfortunately it is also closed but on the southern facade there is a small window that will open you a view over some beautiful Byzantine frescoes....

And this is only the beginning....
After a few extra meters you will find yourself at a junction.

Keep the right for the monastery (beware of the dogs on your left - a  bit nasty and ferocious) and in not more than 5 minutes' walking you will find this tiny little old church all covered in frescoes.

Some of them are still quite well kept....

After a visit to the church you can go back to the junction and follow the trail to the old village. You will be walking on a path among olive trees with a breathtaking view over the valley and the sea on your right hand side.

A few more hundred meters and you will encounter a third church.
Open the door and you will have this great artwork all for you.....

Take your time to wonder a bit around and enjoy the beautiful details in the total peace of this place.

The walk continues up hill.

Around you nothing else that old ruins, ancient olive trees and cicadas singing loud!

The path will bring you up for an extra 20 -25 minutes to a sort of viewpoint where you will be able to enjoy the calm Mediterrean sea of the bays of Dexa and Vathi.

Relax. Breathe the pure air. Enjoy the colours.


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