No country for sand lovers 2 (aka the beaches of Northern Ithaca)

Do you remember what I said about sandy beaches on Ithaca?
Exactly: no trace of sand on the island, so once again, sand lovers...OUT OF HERE!

In general the northern part of the island is probably slightly less exciting than the southern, but it still offers one or 2 great spots.

Let's start from the one we didn't like: Polis. Just our of Stavros, easily accessible and with sunbeds available (not that we really care about those!). We arrived there in order to visit the Loizos cave (that has been destroyed by the earthquake so nothing is visible) and we didn't stop, not even for a quick swim. Don't get me wrong, the water was perfect, but the beach in itself was quite dirty for the island standard.

 A bit further north there is Afales, a nice and not crowded place, but when we got there were quite a lot of seaweeds (although they don't appear on the picture).

Also getting there could be quite difficult if you don't know the place. There is a sign after Platrithias village but then you get lost in unpaved roads in the countryside with no further indications. We managed to find it just because we were guided by an extremely kind man we met on the way (well, we were completely lost so he was probably moved by compassion)!

From the same road you can reach another amazing beach, Marmaka. To be honest, in order to get there, you need to be a bit adventurous and try not to get loose your courage when seeing the road.
(We were not brave enough and decided to come back after 200 mt!)

But there is slightly easier way to get there from the port of Frikes. The road is unpaved (of course, what were you expecting?!) and not in the best condition but the first bit is actually the worst and going very slowly, your car should be fine.

Once there you won't regret the drive, since the place is heaven. Astonishingly beautiful ad extremely quiet.

Now, if you are still not happy with the level of isolation offered by Marmaka, here is another little secluded beach all for yourselves: Rachi, just out of Kioni.

Shall I say something else?

Enjoy the colours!


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