50 Shades of Blue

I still can't explain why we have been neglecting this blog for such a long time. 
Maybe it has been a lack of inspiration. Maybe we were too absorbed in our everyday life and jobs. 
Or we were just too lazy....

For sure our passion for traveling hasn't vanished at all. Actually we have kept it alive through various experiences around the world and it is now, if possible, even stronger than ever.

But what really brought us back to our bloggers' duties is our last short holiday in the Ionian island of Ithaca.

Ithaca is a little paradise on earth, but finding information on the web has been quite difficult. Probably because the island is quite unspoilt and definitely away from mass tourism. And this is one of the reasons why we liked it so much, in addition to the secluded pebble beaches and the pristine and pure sea waters.
The seabed is full of variously sized fishes, and snorkeling is the best way to spend your time!

The island shape is a bit funny, looking like a two small islands kept together by a thin stretch of land.
The southern part is a bit more inaccessible with properly paved roads terminating in the upper village of Perahori. Behind it there is just vineyards and some coves only accessible by boat.
The northern part has a few more picturesque villages, a couple of lively port towns (Frikes and Kioni) and more easily accessible coves.

The vegetation on the whole island is mainly Mediterranean with low bushes, lots of wild herbs (rosemary, sage...), cypresses and olive trees.

The green scenario is interrupted only by the the view of an old house ruin (lots of the buildings were destroyed in a earthquake in 1953)....

....and the magnificent opening of a bay with its amazing shades of blue.

The air is filled with cicadas' songs and the sound of the cowbells of some rambling goats.

The capital, Vathi, in the Southern part, is a little port town whose social life is centered in the the few cafes on the central square and the nice little `tavernas` on the harbour. A part form these, there are a few shops of handmade trinkets, a couple of supermarkets and a line of yacht parked at night!

The other towns, Stavros, Platrithias, Exogi, Frikes, Kioni and Anogi are all small picturesque traditional village, with a very relaxed atmosphere.

There isn't an airport in Ithaca, so you need to get there via ferry. We took the one from Kefalonia. We flew from London, rented a car a drove the 45 minutes dividing Argostoli (Kefalonia's capital and airport town) to Sami where we loaded the car on the ferry that takes apprximately 30 minutes into Piso Aetos in Ithaca.

We were a bit worried about the long trip but afterwards I have to say that it was totally worth.

Ithaca is an amazing place. Even in July it was not crowded and perfectly enjoyable. It is a perfect place to put your feet up and forget about work and city life: traffic or parking issues can only be bad memories!
And if the static, lazy sea holiday is not your cup of tea, there is plenty to discover in a week: a few hiking trails, a couple of ancient monasteries with Byzantine frescoes and even a prehistoric menhir!

More stories ad info will follow in the next weeks. So bear with us and let us help you in discovering the beauty of this island!


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