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Your perfect 3-days travel itinerary in the Dordogne Valley

The Dordogne is the quintessential French destination offering the perfect blend of culture, nature, typical stone villages, busy farmers markets, plenty of good food and wine....basically a dream coming through.
It is also the area where the ancient Cro-Magnon men left their traces many centuries ago creating the most peculiar examples of rock art in the world.
With such a rich heritage, and so many things to do and see, it may be difficult to organise your visit and fit everything in, so we decided to put together a few suggested itineraries to give you some ideas and inspiration depending on the time you have available.

This is our recommendations for a 3 days itinerary.


(we have to admit that it's not much but you can still have a taste of this beautiful region).
Day One
No doubt that your first day in the Dordogne should start with the exploration of the medieval city centre of Sarlat. Possibly choose to do it on a Wednesday or Saturday that are market d…

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